Why does it take a lot of thought to decorate the home that has been carefully designed, but the effect of the decoration is always ordinary. The main reason is that with the improvement of our needs, many stacked decorations have gradually separated from the public’s aesthetics, and more and more homeowners are gradually choosing “subtraction” design.

The following 7 decoration “subtractions”, you can try to apply them in your home, which can greatly improve the interior texture:

01 No handle design

Minimalist design is bound to be the trend of future development. By removing unnecessary handles, reducing the presence of cabinets, and creating a simple home environment, the appearance will naturally improve.

We are often caught by our hands on clothes or touching our knees, or even accidentally bumping our heads. Removing the handles can avoid many accidents and ensure the safety of our family members.

At the same time, the cabinet door without handle is particularly easy to maintain and sanitation, especially for kitchens with relatively large oil fume, the handleless design is more practical, and the cabinet door panel can be wiped with a rag.

02 No threshold stone design

The original function of the threshold stone is for the handover of the ground material and the waterproofing of the bathroom, but its appearance looks relatively low.

Therefore, now many homeowners have chosen to use the ground material through the paving, cancel the practice of the threshold stone, the whole space is paved with the same material, and the space is larger and more beautiful.

However, it should be noted that if the paving area of ​​the floor is too large, it needs to be properly partitioned with a batten. Generally, the threshold stone for entry and bathroom should be kept as much as possible. After all, the function is greater than the appearance value, and the threshold stone in other places can be cancelled.

03 Windowless corner design

In the decoration we often see, all the doors and windows are exactly the same. In addition to the functions of windproof, rainproof and thermal insulation, doors and windows also have the function of landscape viewing, which is especially important for sea view and river view rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows.

For the sake of safety and practical functions, without changing the general structure and ensuring safety, the corners of the window can be designed with no corners to reduce the occlusion of the line of sight and create an invincible window scene.

04 Trackless sliding door design

In order to save the space of the opening radius, we often install sliding doors in our homes. However, the track of the sliding door greatly affects the appearance, and it is easy to hide dirt.

Therefore, the current sliding doors have canceled the ground track and changed to the top track, and the appearance has been greatly improved.

With the upgrading of the craftsmanship, there is even a “ghost door” approach, with no tracks visible on the outside, just like the suspension, which has a great sense of design.

05 Cabinet door design without molding

When we choose cabinet doors, there are two kinds of flat cabinet doors and shaped cabinet doors. In the era of minimalism, the carvings and concave and convex shapes of the shaped doors are too complicated, and it is easy to accumulate dust, which does not meet the aesthetic needs of young people.

For the flat cabinet door, try to dilute the presence of the cabinet, and use the color and texture of the finish to shape the simple and high-quality texture of the space.

06 No main light design

The traditional lamps and lanterns are mainly composed of ceiling lamps and chandeliers. Generally, only one lamp is arranged in a space. The lighting effect is very simple and the visual effect is too heavy.

The main light design eliminates the situation of “one light is dominant” in the space. The lighting is matched according to the overall space design. Through the implantation of multiple light sources, a variety of lighting methods can be realized.

Under different life situations, different lighting matching effects can be achieved, and the level and texture of lighting will be qualitatively improved.

07 Seamless floor design

The ground without gaps is not easy to hide dirt and dirt, and the appearance is better. At present, the best ground material used in interior decoration is microcement.

It is a new type of decorative material, which is different from paint and art paint. It has many advantages such as durability, waterproof and mildew proof, and natural texture. Whether it is a seamless floor or an integrated design with a low wall and no skirting, It can even be used on the walls of the kitchen.

Have you learned these 7 decoration “subtractions”?

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