The living room is the center of family leisure activities. The design, collocation and layout of the living room space, whether from the perspective of visual effect or practical experience, is a decoration focus that the owner is more concerned about.

Curtains are used to control space lighting and natural lighting, while increasing the sense of privacy in the home environment. Choosing a suitable curtain style for the living room will make the space atmosphere more comfortable and relaxed, giving people a comfortable and calm atmosphere.

01 What curtains are suitable for the living room?

In the curtain design suitable for the living room space, there are two common types: fabric and venetian blinds. The two different ways create a completely different living room atmosphere.

① Fabric

There are two types of fabric curtains: cloth and gauze : the function of gauze curtains is mainly to avoid too dazzling light, increase the privacy of the space while maintaining the lighting of the space; and the cloth curtains are mainly to create an absolutely private space atmosphere, Used to block most of the lighting.

② Venetian blinds

The shading effect of venetian blinds is relatively poor, and it is easy to have leaks, but as a more flexible lighting control curtain, venetian blinds are used in the living room where leisure activities are the mainstay. By cleverly controlling the light, it can bring mottled light and shadow to the living room. Effect, increase the sense of elegant design of the living room space.

02 Color matching

The living room is the center of home decoration. Every design and collocation of this space is related to the effect of home design, especially for large areas such as curtains, which cannot be ignored!

① blue tone

Blue represents quietness. When used in the living room, it can ease the impetuous mood of the occupants, and make people feel the tranquility and comfort when they are in it.

Light blue are simple and elegant. Dark blue are quiet and comfortable.

②Brown tone

Brown is relatively simple and elegant. This texture is matched in the living room, giving people a warm, comfortable and warm feeling.

③Gray tone

Gray tone is a versatile element of simple style. If you don’t know how to choose the color of curtains, then gray is a good choice.

Cool grey are suitable for a minimalist and modern living room. Warm gray curtains and wooden space are also full of simple and natural temperament.

④Color matching

Curtains in one color feel too plain? You might as well try color-blocking curtains and make 2 or 3 colors for it, which can make the space look more lively and jumpy. Colorblock make life more flexible and interesting.

⑤ Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a kind of curtain design, which is suitable for spaces with relatively small windows. It is really awkward to install curtains on small windows. It feels like a piece of cloth hanging on the wall.

The venetian blinds design can slow down the presence of the curtains and make the space more warm and bright. Venetian blinds are suitable for small windows.

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