What is luxury? It is one of the representatives of identity, high quality of life and fashion aesthetics. Uniqueness, scarcity and rarity are all its characteristics.

Today, the editor will introduce the ranking of the top 5 Italian luxury furniture brands in 2022. I hope you like it.

luxury brands 01 Fendi Casa

For the true high society, the value of luxury goods is not in showing off, but in the extraordinary quality of life they bring.

Fendi’s furniture has an amazing aura of “playing with luxury in the palm of your hand”. A lot of fur, leather, satin, saddle stitched fur, fringed leather, printed fabrics are used to make each piece of furniture look so graceful and beautiful.

Every detail is perfect, Fendi home not only shows luxury, but also a timeless classic and aristocratic bearing.

02 Armani Casa

Armani Casa is a clear and complete home collection brand, not just a collection of designer trinkets, upholstery fabrics and some common table tops.

Giorgio Armani spent more than two years preparing and devoted himself to the creation of the new living space before Armani Casa was officially announced.

And developed a complete series including furniture, tableware, lamps, bed sets and various home accessories, etc. to present Armani’s complete life style.

03 Bentley Home

Bentley Home, in style, perfectly reflects the low-key luxury of England, creating a luxurious courtesy like the British royal family, ensuring that its aristocratic blood has been passed down for a long time.

Bentley Home, from sofas to bedding, from lamps to wine utensils, from desks to pet utensils, covers all aspects of home furnishing.

The product continues the classic style and production process of automobiles, showing the low-key luxury of British aristocratic blood, precious materials and delicate craftsmanship, interpreting the beauty of luxurious and comfortable life.

04 Versace Home

Versace Home itself represents a unique way of life, and once you choose this way, you should persevere and stick to it.

Versace is a perfect blend of dignity and sensuality, presenting both courtly elegance and bold passion, often wandering between elegant and kitsch art!

This contradiction also coexists harmoniously in Versace’s home, so Versace’s work is full of internal expansion.

05 Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta is a famous Italian luxury brand, founded in Vicenza Province in 1966, known for its hand-woven leather and understated noble personal style.

The only hallmark of Bottega Veneta is its unique Intrecciato leather weave design. Created as the most recognisable element from the start, this weaving technique echoes the richly coloured variety of leathers and materials, ensuring that each product is the perfect blend of beauty and functionality to match its million-dollar value.

That’s all for today’s introduction. Have you met your favorite lamps? Welcome to leave a message~

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