The frying pan is a conditioning tool specially developed for frying and frying, and it is a good helper for adding crispy texture to ingredients.

Common styles include cast iron pans, ceramic coated non-stick pans, southern ironware, Teflon pans, aluminum pans and other materials. Prices from metals to non-metals fluctuate wildly.

Coupled with many well-known brands such as Tefal Tefal, German WMF, Japanese rock casting, etc., or whether it is suitable for IH stoves, induction cookers, etc., the colorful designs and types are really hard to see!

This article sorts out the common structures and materials of frying pans for people, analyzes and introduces the characteristics one by one, and talks about how to easily choose the best frying pan with 4 methods.

I hope this article can help you choose the pan that meets your needs more efficiently!

Frying pans that can be used for general heating, quick frying, Sichuan blanching, stewing and even frying are indispensable daily necessities for many people.

In order to facilitate daily use, the first thing to pay attention to is the material, size and characteristics of the pot.

01——Material and special processing of pan

Different materials have different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Below I will briefly sort out the characteristics of the major materials. You can choose the most suitable pan from the material according to your usual usage habits!

(1) General households or people who use frying pans for the first time

The most common choice is a non-stick pan made of Teflon. The feature is that even if there is only a small amount of oil, it is not easy to burn, and it does not stick to the pan, which not only allows the dishes to be easily served outside the table.

After use, just like other dishes, just wash it with dishwashing detergent and then air-dry it; maintenance is easy and the price you can find for thousands of yuan makes it hard to not be tempted!

However, Teflon is more resistant to strong fire and impact. If it is empty-fired or cooked with a metal spatula, it will easily cause the surface layer of the fluororesin to fall off.

Even if the frequency of use is not high, it will start to stick to the pan or the surface will fall off and easily burnt in about two to three years.

(2) In addition to Teflon pots and iron pots, there are also cast metal pots such as aluminum pots and copper pots, ceramic pots and other materials.

The suitable conditioning methods for these materials are also different, so before choosing, you should analyze your commonly used ingredients and conditioning methods, and then screen out the products that meet your needs according to the characteristics and characteristics of the materials.

(3) Finally, the lightweight aluminum pan.

It is suitable for cooking spaghetti, or stir-frying the pan, which can effectively reduce the burden on the wrist. Basically, no matter how special or novel the pans are, you should first judge the practicality from the aspects of thermal conductivity, weight, and applicable conditioning methods, so that you can quickly delete products that do not meet your own needs.

02 – standard size is 26cm-28cm in diameter

If the pot is too big or too deep, the weight of the pot becomes too heavy, but it is not easy to use, and it is easy to cause troubles in storage.

It is recommended to choose the specifications with moderate size and easy operation. For ordinary families, the size of 26cm-28cm in diameter is the most suitable.

It can handle from a small amount of a single person to a large number of multi-person dishes. It is convenient to store and has a moderate weight, which is the safest and most conservative selection standard.

Of course, small pots with a diameter of less than 20cm and large pots with a diameter of more than 30cm have their own advantages. Readers can also choose different sizes according to the conditioning method and conditioning weight for emergency needs.

In this way, in addition to the general dishes during the Chinese New Year and festivals, there are enough pots and pans to make special meals.

03——the ideal weight

If you are used to holding the pot with one hand, the ideal weight should be below 1kg.

Although most pots and pans weigh more than 1 kg, if the weight of the ingredients is added, the stir-frying action will become more laborious.

In terms of practicality, the weight that can easily hold the pot with one hand is the most ideal. It is recommended that when choosing pots, please try to give priority to the pots with a total weight of less than 1 kg, so that you can easily flip the pot and stir fry in the future.

04 – The handle material is the key to ease of use

Stir-frying often requires tossing the pot and stir-frying to make the ingredients taste good, and the handle material is the key to maintaining a good feel. Next, we will introduce several common handle materials and characteristics for your reference.

The advantage of plastic and wooden handles is that they are relatively difficult to conduct heat and have high safety. Most of the handles of these two materials have non-slip or concave-convex designs, which can be easily mastered by women who are cooking for the first time and whose wrists are weaker, the elderly and children.

It is just that the place where the screw is locked will gradually loosen with the increase of use time, and the joints are also easy to hide dirt, etc. Plastic and wood are also easily deformed after long-term use. Regular inspection and replacement are required for safety.

Most of the metal handles are integrally formed with the pot, or the handle and the pot body are connected by a solid welding method, which has extremely high durability.

In addition, there are few seams, it is not easy to hide dirt, and it is easy to keep clean, which makes cooking people feel at ease!

However, the metal handle feels heavy, and the temperature of the handle is likely to rise when heated for a long time, so it is required to wear heat-insulating gloves to ensure safety.

05 correspond to IH conditioning and natural gas furnace

Many people use IH cooking stoves in their homes. The characteristic is that they do not use an open flame but use electric heat to heat the metal pot body to achieve the cooking effect. Therefore, if you want to cook with an IH stove, you need to choose the corresponding material.

Although most household appliances are still mostly natural gas stoves, if the budget is sufficient, it is recommended that you can choose both natural gas and IH pots to be more flexible in use.

Especially friends who plan to move or buy an IH conditioning stove in the future, it is recommended to choose a dual-purpose pot that can adapt to various heating methods to save the cost of repurchasing.

After reading this introduction, have you mastered the secret to buying a frying pan?

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