In addition to the most basic non-stick and non-scorched pans, I will also evaluate in terms of appearance, ease of use and price. I will use a clear ranking method to recommend 8 pans for people!

Next, let us quickly take a look at the recommendations of the 7 best frying pans!

Each of the following products will be analyzed and introduced by the purchase points mentioned in the previous paragraph. Readers can refer to the introduction text below to choose their favorite pan!

01 Pearl Life – Japanese imported frying pan

The meals in breakfast restaurants and fast food restaurants will look particularly delicious. In addition to the unique secret recipe, the biggest trick is the design of the plate.

The well-fried pancakes and poached eggs not only make people feel more delicious, but also can be easily sandwiched into toast and hamburgers, without worrying about the exposed materials. This two-ear skillet makes it easy to fry a delicious steak while frying the main course and toppings.

From hamburger steaks, omelettes to muffins, dorayaki and other dishes can be made directly from the pot, and you can fry the perfect round shape without buying additional molds.

The lightweight aluminum alloy is coated with a layer of Teflon, which can save a lot of trouble for hard-working housewives and husbands.

However, the use is also limited, and a large number of cooking methods such as stir-frying and deep-frying cannot be performed. Please think twice before purchasing.

02 Boiling Fu German Maifan Stone Pan

The color choices of commercially available pans are nothing more than pure black, silver and other metallic colors, and the color of this pan is very high-end and deep.

For those who pay attention to color matching, the dark gray pan is really refreshing!

With surface polishing, the body of the pot looks as shiny as a beauty boutique.

The pot surface is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly medical stone material, which is a strong protection layered by a variety of materials with different hardness, and has excellent scratch resistance and anti-friction performance.

But be careful not to use metal spatula or wire cleaning brush, please use soft heat-resistant nylon, heat-resistant silicone or wooden spatula for cooking, and use tools such as sponge or soft brush for gentle brushing.

Although dishwasher safe, there are still concerns about damage to the coating.

03 HAPPYCALL Korean Diamond Flat Bottom Non-Stick Pan

HAPPYCALL from Korea combines cutting-edge technology from Europe and Asia to develop a cookware set with excellent quality and affordable price.

The team cooperated with the Department of Nanotechnology of Pusan ​​University to apply nano-sized diamond molecules to the non-stick coating, and coat the pot with 5 layers of solid hard protective film, so that the pot body is strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, and effectively prolongs the pot. with longevity.

The advanced equipment from PER Company in the Netherlands is introduced to protect the outside of the pot, and the pot body is improved against dirt and wear with safe and harmless ceramic materials.

The pot surface is additionally processed with a 7.3mm deep stripe to prevent the pot from being twisted and deformed. The weight is about 1 kg and is suitable for stir-frying, but not for induction cooker or IH cooker, only for black crystal cooker and natural gas cooker.

Rough cleaning utensils such as zucchini cloths must be avoided when cleaning to prevent damage to the coating.

04 RIVER LIGHT ——very original imported uncoated frying pan

The pole series produced by the Japanese pot brand RIVER LIGHT uses special heat treatment to process the surface of the iron pot, which not only improves the ability of the pot surface to wear and scratch, but also promotes the pot surface to absorb more grease, greatly reducing the probability of rusting.

In addition, the oil absorption effect of the extreme series can also make the pot better for frying, and the longer it is used, the less likely it will burn the ingredients.

At present, the general mainstream stainless steel pot will cause the thermal conductivity to decrease if it is used for a long time, and the fire volume will always increase unknowingly in the later period.

The thermal conductivity of iron pots is 217 times that of stainless steel pots. Whether it is a new pot or an old pot, the pot can be heated at once, which can effectively save the consumption of natural gas. It is a pity that this frying pan has a net weight of 2 kilograms, so it is not suitable for stir-frying, pan-throwing and other actions.

05 THERMOS non-stick frying pan

Generally, our common non-stick pot materials are divided into four types: aluminum alloy, cast aluminum alloy, bottom-covered stainless steel and iron carbon steel.

If you want to choose a more secure non-stick pan, this rock-steel stainless steel single-handle pan will be a good choice.

Made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, with a good ratio of chromium and nickel, excellent oxidation resistance and high heat resistance, there is no need to worry about the release of heavy metals from pots. Professional riveting technology makes the joints tight and not loose, and the pot body has a strength close to one-piece forming.

The bottom of the high-density alloy pot has excellent thermal conductivity, which can heat up quickly and evenly, and can complete various cooking methods such as frying, frying, and frying as long as it is medium and small. There is a three-dimensional top cover attached to the pot, which can tightly block heat energy and water vapor, and greatly improve the efficiency of simmering and stewing. The ergonomic handle is easy to hold, increasing the confidence and fun of cooking!

06 SCANPAN Denmark imported non-stick pan

SCANPAN, a Danish national treasure cookware brand, uses the original gravity die-casting method to make pans. It uses a titanium-ceramic alloy coating derived from space technology, so that non-stick pans can be effectively anti-stick without relying on fluorine compounds. PFOA-FREE global environmental health and non-toxic certification.

The body of the pot is casted under high pressure at an extremely high temperature of 20,000 degrees, and its hardness is second only to that of diamonds. With the exclusive patented technology without rivets and screws, it creates a smooth and elegant pot body!

The main aluminum material used in the pot body is also recycled aluminum that can be 100% recycled and reused. While improving performance, it does not forget the sustainable concept of a friendly environment.

If you are in pursuit of perfection and are willing to pay more for your health and environmental protection, this safe, harmless and one-piece clean and hygienic frying pan must be your best choice!


The above are 8 carefully selected popular and easy-to-use frying pans, what do you think?

As long as you buy it according to your own cooking habits, it can be used equally well whether it is a low-priced, durable high-end frying pan. More relaxed and happy!

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