In the past two years, pulsator washing machines and front-loading washing machines have often been sought after, and major merchant platforms are also selling them hot. Today we will compare the differences between these two washing machines.

Pulsator VS Drum, which one will be the main trend in 2022?

01 Top Washing Machine

There is no high requirement for cleaning clothes, and those who pay more attention to cleaning time and effect, pursue cost-effectiveness; student parties, users who need to move frequently and have a limited budget, it is more practical to choose a pulsator washing machine.

The advantages of the pulsator washing machine are as follows:

  • Simple structure, light weight, simple and convenient operation, easy to move.
  • The price is relatively cheap and cost-effective.
  • The washing speed is fast, the cleaning degree is high, and the laundry can be washed for up to 40 minutes, saving energy and electricity.
  • Clothes can be added at any time along the way.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages. The pulsator washing machine achieves the cleaning effect through the friction between the clothes. Its washing process is like rubbing the clothes by hand, and the clothes will be worn.

During the washing process, the clothes are easily entangled and the rinsing is uneven. Due to the limited capacity of the spinner, some bulky items may not fit.

02 Front-loading washing machine

For users who value the washing effect and have sufficient budget, pay more attention to appearance, and pursue high quality of life, they can choose a drum washing machine with better washing effect and less wear and tear on clothes.

The advantages of the front-loading washing machine are as follows:

  • The principle of side door is adopted, so the embedded design can be used when placing it, which is more convenient.
  • It has little wear on clothes and does not tangle clothes.
  • Save water, the water consumption is about 40% of the pulsator washing machine.
  • Water can be heated and dried.
  • High degree of automation, saving labor when doing laundry.
  • It can wash large clothes such as down products, thick curtains, etc.

Compared with the pulsator washing machine, the drum washing machine is difficult to carry, and the weight is generally about 80 kg. Do not add laundry during the laundry process.

Of course, there are also open-top front-loading washing machines on the market, but the price is relatively higher than the conventional 60%-70%. Generally, the washing time of a drum washing machine is longer, usually 1-2 hours.

03 Washing and drying machine

My personal suggestion is that if there is a need for drying, it is recommended to buy a washing machine and a dryer.

A good all-in-one washing and drying machine is not much cheaper than a mid-range washing machine and a mid-to-low-end dryer.

However, even a mid-to-low-end dryer has a much more practical drying effect than a better washer-dryer.

Local weather conditions: For areas with wet weather, such as when the weather in many cities is bad, a shirt may not be dried for three or four days, so it is very convenient to have a dryer.

If it is because of the type of the house, such as the situation that the balcony is shaded, the clothes are easy to dry slowly, and more importantly, the effect of sterilization and disinfection is not achieved, resulting in the drying of clothes does not play the role it should have.

Or there may be family members that make it inconvenient to dry clothes. A family lived in for three generations and had only one drying station.

The most common situation is that some of the hostess’s clothes are embarrassed to dry on the balcony.

However, not all clothes can be dried, usually poor or better materials cannot be dried. You need to read the clothes tag to know the specific condition of the clothes.

The washing and drying machine has a serious defect, that is, the washing capacity and the drying capacity are not equal, and the former is generally greater than the latter.

If a washing and drying machine is marked with a washing capacity of 8kg and a drying capacity of 5kg, what does this mean?

It means that if you want to achieve the function of washing and drying, you must control the capacity below 5kg when washing, otherwise it cannot be dried all at once.

The above is the introduction of the differences between various types of washing machines. Have you learned it?

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