Compared with the “show-off” luxury decoration of their parents, today’s young people prefer a high-quality light luxury experience, and what they need is a sense of “inside-out” luxury.

What kind of design elements can match our high-quality needs? Today, I will tell you about it in detail, and sort out 5 high-value designs elements:

Elements 01 – Micro cement

Microcement is a new material with natural high-quality texture, and it is a decorative coating developed from resin, minerals and various additives.

It was first followed by the rapid development of Wabi. With its super high appearance, it “out of the circle”. In fact, in addition to being good-looking, its most powerful thing is that it is fully waterproof, with strong oleophobicity and hydrophobicity.

It can be directly constructed on the ground, or even the ground of the bathroom, to achieve the effect of integrating the wall and the ground.

elements 02——Changhong glass partition

Changhong glass is a vertical patterned glass with wavy texture on one side and smooth on the other side. The vertical texture has its own geometric beauty, which is very in line with the current people’s aesthetics.

In addition to light transmission, the groove itself has the effect of blurring the image of the object, so it produces a hazy effect of light-transmitting and impermeable objects.

elements 03——Customized cabinet without handle

When some people are still struggling with which handle to choose for the cabinet door, many people have chosen to give up the handle. Many good-looking cabinets are actually ruined in the handle design.

There is no handle in the cabinet, which will greatly reduce the presence of the cabinet, make the whole space look cleaner and smoother, and at the same time avoid bumps and be easy to take care of.

elements 04 – glass brick

Glass bricks are transparent materials made of transparent glass pressed into blocks. They are divided into two types: solid bricks and hollow bricks. In addition to their super high appearance, they can be used as partitions and walls because of their light-transmitting and impermeable characteristics. Strong sound insulation effect.

elements 05 – Natural Marble

Marble has been used as a high-quality material for hundreds of years and has always been synonymous with atmosphere.

Marble is very suitable for use as a background wall. The natural stone texture will be more natural and real, with a variety of colors, but currently it is suitable for minimalist style, mostly jazz white and Turkish gray.

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