Here comes 2 best tips to clean a fabric sofa that cannot be dismantled and washed. The sofa is a larger piece of furniture in the living room, and it is the furniture for the owner to sit in the living room. When purchasing a sofa, you must consider many aspects!

It is not only beautiful and comfortable, but also a key that cannot be ignored in terms of dirt resistance. After all, the sofa is a big man in the living room. If it is not resistant to getting dirty and dirty, then when guests come to the house, I am afraid they will be “restless”.

Below, I will share with you the experience of how to clean the sofa, and friends in need can take a look.

01 Cleaning methods for different types of sofas

①Solid wood sofa

Solid wood sofas are generally not dirty unless you pour ink on them, so there is basically no cleaning problem for solid wood sofas. If there is dust, you can wipe it with a damp cloth.

②Leather sofa

The leather sofa is relatively resistant to dirt. If it is small in daily life, it can be wiped with a damp cloth. However, it is easy to become black after a long time. At this time, we can use waxing to clean it up and maintain it.

③Fabric sofa

There are two types of fabric sofas: one is removable and washable, if it is dirty, remove the sofa cover and wash it; the other is non-removable and washable, do not buy this kind of sofa, it will be replaced if it is dirty!

There is also a technical cloth sofa. The waterproof and anti-dirty function of this sofa is short-lived. It is no different from an ordinary cloth sofa after a long time. It is recommended to choose carefully.

02 About non-removable and washable fabric sofa

This sofa is recommended not to buy it! Buy a fabric sofa that looks beautiful and is comfortable to sit on, but after a few years of use, you start to regret it!

Because after several years of “honing”, the fabric sofa will change from the original light gray to dirty gray. Now I want to wash it, but I find that the sofa cover is not removable at all.

03 Can the cloth sofa be thrown away when it is dirty?

For fabric sofas that are dirty and cannot be washed, it is also a problem where the large sofas are thrown away. Even if someone is found to remove them, it will cost hundreds of yuan to carry them.

Besides, a good sofa, with complete and practical functions, can also sit people, is it a pity to lose it?

So when encountering such a non-removable and washable fabric sofa, besides throwing it away, is there any good solution?

After some pondering, I have now concluded two approaches:

①Add seat cushion and cloth cushion

Sofa cushions The cushions and armrests of the sofa are relatively easy to get dirty. You can add cushions and cloth cushions on them. If they are dirty, you only need to clean the cushions.

But this is not a fundamental solution, because after a long time, the position other than the seat cushion and armrest will still be dirty.

②Buy the finished sofa cover

According to the size of the sofa, buying a fabric sofa cover and covering it on the surface of the sofa can make the sofa look cleaner. There are many sellers selling such sofa covers on the Internet, and you can easily buy them.

As a piece of furniture that is frequently used in the home, the sofa is relatively easy to get dirty, especially if there are children at home. If the hands are dirty after eating snacks, the sofa is more likely to be dirty. Therefore, when buying a sofa, cleaning the sofa Must be considered!

If you just bought a non-removable and washable fabric sofa, please place an order for a few sofa covers after reading this article.

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