Now many people have built an entire wall of books at home, and put on a wall of books that they will never read in their lifetime, waiting for it to slowly fall off and seal it. Close the glass door, or make a display stand and you’re done, neatly laying out book after book.

In fact, there are many ways to build a bookstore. It depends on which one you choose. Today, I will share 3 ways to create the best and perfect study with you.

01 – Create a study

This method is also the most common method. Create a study room in the room, and organize the books into the bookcase neatly. The customization of the bookcase is determined according to the number of books.

The desk is best by the window, the light is better, if not, it should be placed on the left or right side of the window. If most of your books are used for collection, then we still need to make a bookcase for display.

By area, the bookcase built into the wall does not take up space and is neat and tidy, with books for collection and commonly used books at the same time, and glass doors are added as needed.

Keep books that you read often in a separate cabinet. Or put the collection of books in the corner, which is actually similar to a display cabinet. It can be placed diagonally in the corner for display or easy access, but it will inevitably waste space.

So be careful when choosing this method, and choose according to the area of ​​your study.

In this way, you won’t mess up your own collection of books, and you won’t put frequently used books into the book sea, so that you can’t find them when you need them.

In the same way, if you use more books and collect fewer books, you can exchange them. In short, it is best to divide them into cabinets. It is best to have glass doors for bookcases that are not used all the year round, otherwise it will cause trouble in hygiene.

Considering that some new books will be added in the future, we must remember to leave extra space in the design. You can use both walls as bookcases for more storage space.

If you have already built a bookcase that can’t reach the top and there is no place to store books, you can make some shelves at the top of the bookcase, and store the books that you haven’t read for a long time or that you haven’t read for a long time, and move some places for new books. .

The placement of the desk should take into account that the office will be used in it, just in a normal box-shaped space. The room is relatively small, and there is no place to put a work desk. You can combine a bookcase with a desk, similar to the one below. At the same time, you can place green plants nearby to relax when your eyes are tired. Or put on some of your own collections and turn the study into a storage room.

02 – Small apartment combines the study with other rooms

If there is no extra room for books, that is, a small-sized bookstore, we can combine other functional spaces with the study.

Combination of living room and study

In fact, it is best to put books that are generally combined with the living room behind the sofa, which is easy to take and also forms a natural and beautiful sofa background wall. The utilization area is large.

The back study and the living room are opened up, and the glass door is used as a partition, and the overall space appears larger.

Combination of dining room and study

The apartment is small, and the functions of one space can be used for multiple purposes. For example, the dining room and the study workbench can be mixed. , Put a bookshelf next to the dining table, and it is a reading area when you are not eating.

Combination of bedroom and study

Books can be stored in the storage cabinet, combined with the bedroom, and more custom cabinets. Mainly the bedroom. You can also make a liftable bed in the secret door of the study, which is integrated with the study.

Combination of balcony and study

“It is not recommended to put books on open balconies, as there will be a lot of dust.” It is also a good choice to turn the balcony into a reading area and library area. It doesn’t matter if you dry your clothes, just leave a clothesline on it.

You can use this tatami form to store books under the tatami, and make a simple bookcase on it to store commonly used books.

03 – Distributed books in each room

The atmosphere of the bookstore created in this way is the most harmonious, and it is closely related to your life and is a real bookstore. This is also what everyone said, it is difficult to clean and easy to mess up.

We can put different types of books in different spaces, and we can use them whenever we think of them. For example, when cooking in the kitchen, if the books of recipes are next to them, it can save a lot of things~

Living room: put some prose poems or story books for more leisure and relaxation, and read on the sofa.

Dining room or balcony: You can put some tool books and study in earnest.

Kitchen: Put some cookbook food photography books.

Bedroom: Put on your bedtime readings, and have a good night’s sleep after reading them.

That’s it for today’s introduction, choose your favorite format to create the most comfortable bookstore!

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