Furniture is indispensable in home life, whether it is renting a house or a small nest with a house book. Furniture is an important part of it and the key to improving the quality of life. When buying new furniture, we must carefully consider it. From the decoration style of the home to the comfort and practicality of the furniture, we need to focus on it.

Combined with a lot of online information and my own purchase experience, I summarized a few things that need to be paid attention to when purchasing furniture. Friends who are planning to buy new sofas, beds and other furniture recently, may wish to take a few minutes to have a look.


1 brand

Buying furniture online is more important than buying furniture offline. At least offline furniture can be seen and touched. Experienced buyers can basically judge the quality of furniture. But buying furniture online is different, you can’t see the real thing.

This requires the guarantee of brand quality. Some online brands have experience stores or physical stores offline. It is recommended to visit the physical store and experience store first, and then place an order online after understanding. If you have enough trust in the starting brand, you can also skip the day trip to the physical store.


2 channels

Online prices are cheap and there are many fakes, so purchasing channels are very important. It is recommended that you go to the official flagship store to buy. After all, the price of large items is not cheap, and it is more secure to buy genuine products.


3 Check store reviews

Some of the positive reviews are particularly fake. If there are several positive reviews with the same picture in a row, there is a high probability that the reviews are positive reviews. After watching the positive reviews, you can choose to review the negative reviews and add additional reviews to avoid getting overwhelmed and placing an order directly. When looking at bad reviews, focus on the reasons for the bad reviews, whether the cause is serious, the attitude of customer service to deal with the problem, etc.


4 Budget

The more you think, the more difficult it is to be short of money. You need to choose furniture according to your budget. Buy as much as you can at the price you can afford.

5 Furniture Styles

Whether it is consistent with the style of your own home, the style matching needs to be coordinated so that it does not look abrupt.


6 Materials for furniture

When purchasing furniture, you must look at its material, how the quality of the material used in each part is, and try to choose a relatively better material within the budget.

7 Quality of furniture

It is necessary to pay attention to whether the furniture is reliable, which can be determined according to the praise of the store, but if it is the result of privately brushing the praise, there is no need to pay attention.


8 Structural design of furniture

Whether the structural design of furniture is reasonable or not, the design of furniture should not only pursue appearance, but more importantly, safety. For example, the children’s wardrobes that cause harm to children are unreasonably designed, and the wardrobes are easy to overturn, which will press the children and leave safety hazards.

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