Artemide is a renowned Italian lighting company that has been around for over 60 years. It has a reputation for creating beautiful, functional and innovative lighting solutions. One of its most iconic creations is the Anglepoise lamp, which has been a popular choice for design enthusiasts all over the world. In this article, we’ll dive into the history, design, and features of the Artemide Anglepoise lamp.

The History of Anglepoise Lamp

The Anglepoise lamp was designed by an engineer named George Carwardine in 1932. Carwardine was interested in designing a lamp that could easily be positioned and adjusted. He came up with the concept of a lamp that would have three springs that would allow it to move in any direction while maintaining balance. He tested his concept over the next few years, finally perfecting the design in 1934.

The Anglepoise lamp was originally created as a task lamp for an indoor factory, but it quickly became popular among the public for its aesthetic appeal and functionality. In 1935, the Anglepoise lamp went into mass production and has been a sought-after design item ever since.

The Features of Artemide Anglepoise Lamp

The Artemide Anglepoise lamp is a modern interpretation of Carwardine’s original design. It has sleek and clean lines, and its metal finish comes in different colors, including gold, black, silver, and white. The lamp also has LED technology, which provides bright and energy-efficient lighting. It also comes with a dimmer switch that allows users to adjust the light intensity to suit their needs.

Design Details

The Artemide Anglepoise lamp has several design details that set it apart from other lamps. One of these details is the 360-degree rotational head, which makes it easy to direct light to any angle. The lamp’s arm also has a tension spring that helps it maintain balance, no matter where it is positioned. The base of the lamp is weighted, ensuring that it stays stable even when the arm is fully extended.


The Artemide Anglepoise lamp is a versatile lighting solution that is perfect for any home or office environment. It can be used as a task lamp for reading or working, or as an ambient light for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. The lamp is also easily transportable, making it a great choice for those who need a light source while traveling.

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