vibia pendant lamp

Vibia has designed and developed a large portfolio of pendant lamps combining design and lighting. These sculptures of light transform any space, from a living room to a public space. Vibia’s pendant lamps typically use LED light sources, making them versatile in use in many different settings. The brand’s collection also includes the jazz pendant lamp, a free-form pendant light.

Vibia’s Algorithm collection

The Algorithm collection pendant lamp fuses geometry and beauty in a stunning way. The design features multiple spheres of hand-blown glass atop a triangular steel fixture. These spheres cast a warm glow from an LED light source. The Vibia Algorithm collection pendant lamp is made in Spain and is a great choice for a contemporary space.

Its design takes inspiration from a contemporary apartment in Barcelona’s Eixample district. Designers Nicola Tremacoldi maintained the original architectural features while adding contemporary touches. Likewise, Vibia’s Algorithm collection is an ethereal piece reminiscent of a constellation of illuminated drops. The geometric pendant lamp has a matte white finish.

Vibia’s Flamingo collection

The Flamingo collection of pendant lamps by Vibia is an elegant, poetic design reminiscent of flamingo birds. Featuring a steel pendulum and two methacrylate discs with a disc-like effect, the lights cast a soft, ambient light while offering selective lighting. Inspired by the aesthetics of natural and organic forms, the designers at Vibia took a deconstructed approach to the design process to create these pendant lamps.

One of the most popular Vibia Flamingo models is the Flamingo 1530. This ceiling lamp is a great choice for any room. It is available in several sizes and colours, including RAL 9016 white. Designed to be both functional and poetic, this light is made to complement any interior design.

Vibia’s Wireflow free-form pendant light

The Wireflow free-form pendant light by Vibia is a unique piece of lighting. The design consists of black electrical cable and light terminals, with LED light sources that form patterns and shapes. This versatile piece can be installed anywhere, including on walls. With a choice of four, six, or eight LED lamp heads, this pendant light is a versatile and beautiful way to illuminate any space.

The Wireflow system is extremely simple to install. It includes a bracket that fits into the ceiling or wall, and a cable that is attached and adjusted to achieve the desired level of tautness. In addition to pre-configured kits, the company also offers a custom configuration service for interior designers and lighting professionals.

Vibia’s Jazz pendant lamp

Vibia’s Jazz pendant lamp embodies the brand’s concept of reinterpreting lighting. Designed by Diego Fortunato, Jazz is available in three color variants. They can be hung separately or in groups and are appropriate for residential and public spaces. The pendant lamps come in a variety of finishes and can be customized using Vibia’s software.

Designed by Diego Fortunato, the Jazz collection features organic curves, a clear silhouette, and harmonious proportions. Made from plastic or aluminum, the lamps are available in a variety of pleasing colours that can blend into a variety of furnishing styles. Each individual piece of the Jazz series fulfills a specific purpose. For instance, the Jazz table lamp is ideal for sideboard lighting, while the Jazz floor lamp is an excellent indirect light source.